Unlimited learning on the virtual e-learning campus: The 3D version of AMBYLON!

Experience virtual learning the way you enjoy it the most: On a digital learning campus where you can move around freely with your customized avatar and attend your classes and meetings in the various departments just like at a real university!

The 3D version of AMBYLON offers you access to our entire range of courses. Here, you can further train in a variety of professionally relevant topics on our virtual campus. You want to improve your IT skills? Then take a look at our courses on computer science, ERP systems, software & tools. In the Project Area you will find courses on agile working, leadership development and hybrid working, which will take your leadership style to the next level. For the creative thinkers, our Didactics Hub offers courses such as Train The Trainer / Train The Author and Didactic Basics. No matter which course you choose, your next learning experience is just a pixel jump away on our 3D campus.

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You have the opportunity to network and talk with other learners in real time. You can ask your individual questions about the learning content in each course and exchange information with the other avatars after the courses.

Relax while meditating with an open view of the universe

Even virtual learning can be exhausting! If you want to relax a bit after your learning session, simply take advantage of the numerous socializing and entertainment options. Relax while meditating with an open view of the universe - breathtakingly beautiful and heavenly relaxing. Or if you want a little more action, celebrate your learning success with the other avatars in our disco.

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The technical requirements for AMBYLON are quite simple:

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All you have to do is install the AMBYLON app on your PC or tablet, and you can move around the campus completely freely in either 1st or 3rd person view and attend your classes at the 24/7 active workstations!

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